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Liquid runway de-icing fluid

Safeway® KF HOT

Safeway® KF HOT is an advanced, formate-based runway de-icing solution. The fluid not only uses the HOT formulation, but it also contains approximately 5 % less water than standard de-icers. This optimizes runway friction, surface coverage, ease of slush/ice removal and overall de-/anti-icing performance.
Extended endurance times, and ease of ice/slush removal optimizes time, personnel fuel and operational costs. During periods of precipitation every minute the runway surface maintains its friction performance is absolutely vital. Using the right fluid during winter operations will optimize airport traffic and minimize delays. The excellent environmental profile of Safeway KF HOT helps reducing the costs of expensive runway effluent treatment.

New and developing environmental legislation requires that airports manage their effluent streams and ensure minimal environmental impact. The formate formulation has considerably less COD than glycol and urea based products and about one third the COD of acetate based de-icers. This gives the airport an improved environmental impact and real cost savings in effluent treatment.

  • Chloride, nitrate, nitrite, and triazole free
  • Low toxicity to flora and fauna
  • Helps airports meet ecological requirements
  • Readily biodegradable
Product details
Product Function
  • De-icing Fluid
Safeway KF HOT is available in bulk tank trucks and IBC containers. It can be stored in tanks made of stainless steel, alkaline resistant plastic or mild steel coated with synthetic resin. Always use properly labelled tanks to prevent possible contamination.

Safeway KF HOT can be applied using conventional spray trucks. The amount of Safeway KF HOT must be adjusted according to the weather situation and runway condition.
Certification and Approval
Safeway KF HOT is certified to the latest version of the international standard AMS 1435.

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Safeway® KF HOT

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