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ActiSorb® Cl Series

High-Performance Chloride Guards

Edition Date :
April 06, 2021

ActiSorb® CI adsorbents are designed for efficient removal of HCl (hydrogen chloride) and RCl (organic chlorides). Our high-performance chloride guards provide the strength and stability critical for trouble-free operation in numerous applications in the refining and petrochemical industry.


Typical applications include removal of HCl from hydrogen streams and removal of RCl from BTX streams in continuous catalytic reforming (CCR) units; effluent treatment from dehydrogenation process units; as well as feed purification for hydrogen production units (HPU) and hydrogen purification units (PSA). 


The zinc-oxide based chloride guards were developed in close cooperation with customers, and are available in a variety of compositions, shapes and sizes for either gas or liquid phase processes.



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Product composition  Zinc oxide-based
Size Various
Shape Various

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