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Ultra-selective acetylene hydrogenation catalyst for ethylene production in "Front-End" process configurations

OleMax® 260

OleMax® 260 is a new generation selective acetylene hydrogenation catalyst designed for ethylene production using front-end process configurations. While OleMax series catalysts have been proven in commercial operation for decades, the new catalyst offers ultra-high selectivity for acetylene hydrogenation yet virtually no reactivity with ethylene. This maximizes product yields while minimizing energy and raw material consumption.

Moreover, the promoted-palladium catalyst all but eliminates the risk of runaways by pushing runaway temperature far beyond standard operating temperature. The exceptional selectivity and consequent stability of OleMax 260 ensures reliable, on-specification performance over an unprecedentedly wide operating range, even at the extremely low CO levels typical of new cracking furnace technologies. 

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  • Exceptionally wide operating window even at challenging very low CO levels (from <100 to <50 ppm)
  • Ultra-high stability against thermal runaway reactions due to rapid CO concentration changes
  • Near perfect selectivity to polymer-grade ethylene, essentially independent of CO level
  • Optimized activity to work in all de-ethanizer plants as a drop-in replacement 
  • Simplified and substantially accelerated start-up procedures, greatly reducing time to reach full-rate, on-specification production
Product composition Palladium on aluminum-oxide carrier
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