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Selective acetylene hydrogenation catalysts for ethylene plants with "Front-End" configurations

OleMax® 250 Series

OleMax® 250 series catalysts are designed for selective hydrogenation of acetylene, methyl acetylene, propadiene and butadiene to produce ethylene in front-end plant configurations. The catalysts of this series offer optimal selectivity, long cycle life, and high operational stability while minimizing acetylene slip. 


The promoted-palladium catalysts have been in commercial operation for decades at numerous world-scale ethylene production facilities. We offer a choice of catalysts in a variety of shapes and sizes to suit different plant and process requirements.
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  • Excellent overall operability 
  • High activity, minimized risk of off-specification production 
  • High selectivity, maximized production profits 
  • Wide operating temperature window
  • High tolerance to CO swings, minimized risk of a thermal runaway 
  • Long-term stability, increased cycle lengths 
Product compositionPalladium on aluminum-oxide carrier
Size3-5 mm; 4x4 mm
ShapeSpheres; Tablets
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