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Catalysts for Liquid-Phase Selective Hydrogenation of Methylacetylene and Propadiene (MAPD) in "Tail-End" Configurations

OleMax® 350 Series

OleMax® 350 is the proven catalyst series for liquid phase methylacetylene and propadiene (MAPD) hydrogenation in tail-end process configurations. Thanks to their computer designed shape (CDS) and optimized palladium dispersion, the catalysts offer unparalleled selectivity and activity to maximize conversion of MADP and increase propylene yields for use in downstream processes. 


Depending on operating conditions, the palladium-based catalysts offer a very long life cycle of 10 to 15 years. Another important advantage of the catalysts is their ability to minimize green oil formation, thus preventing contamination and fouling.
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  • Very high activity, resulting in the maximum conversion of MAPD 
  • High selectivity to propylene 
  • Computer Designed Shape (CDS) extrusion ideal for all reaction systems 
  • High geometric surface area and a low pressure drop 
  • Long cycle lengths between regeneration 
  • Very long life: 10-15 years, depending on operating conditions 
  • Very low green oil formation
Product compositionPalladium on aluminum-oxide carrier
Size1.5 mm; 2.5 mm
ShapeExtrusions (Computer-Designed Shape)


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