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Hydrogenation Catalysts for First-Stage Hydrotreatment of Pygas

OleMax® 600 Series

OleMax® 600 series catalysts are optimized for first-stage hydrotreatment of pyrolysis gasoline (pygas) via selective hydrogenation. Thanks to their high selectivity, the catalysts convert diolefins (dienes), and remove acetylenes and styrene, with no loss of valuable BTX materials (benzene, toluene and xylene isomers). Other performance advantages of the palladium-based catalysts include very high activity and excellent physical durability.


The C5+ fraction of raw pyrolysis gasoline must undergo two-stage hydrotreatment to saturate diolefins, olefins, and aromatic unsaturates (especially styrene) before use in other processes. In addition to the above-mentioned OleMax 600 catalysts for the first stage of this process, Clariant also offers the OleMax® 800 series for second-stage hydrotreatment.
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  • Improved oxygen stability and color
  • Reduced gum content
  • Reduced fouling in the downstream hydro desulfurisation unit
  • Enhanced activity and stability
  • Well-balanced physical properties
  • Long cycle length between regenerations
  • No BTX Loss
  • New catalysts contain significantly less palladium than previous generations, but offer comparable performance. This considerably reduces the impact of the palladium market price
Product compositionPalladium on aluminum-oxide carrier
Size1-3 mm; 2-4 mm


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