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Hydrogenation Catalysts for Second-Stage Hydrotreatment of Pygas

OleMax® 800 Series

The OleMax® 800 catalyst series is developed for second-stage hydrotreatment of commercial pyrolysis gasoline (pygas) units. The catalysts selectively hydrogenate olefins from the pygas, while also converting organic sulfur to hydrogen sulfide via hydrodesulfurization. Due to their high selectivity, the catalysts prevent loss of valuable BTX aromatics (benzene, toluene and xylene isomers). OleMax 800 series catalysts also offer excellent activity at low operating temperatures, and extremely low pressure drop.


The C5+ fraction of raw pyrolysis gasoline must undergo two-stage hydrotreatment to saturate diolefins, olefins, and aromatic unsaturates (especially styrene) before use in other processes. In addition to the above-mentioned OleMax 800 catalysts for the second stage of this process, Clariant also offers the OleMax® 600 series for first-stage hydrotreatment.
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  • High activity 
  • Operable at low temperatures
  • Long cycle length
  • Computer Designed Shape (CDS) increases void fraction while maintaining high geometric surface area, thus reducing pressure drop significantly without loss of activity. 
Product compositionCobalt-Molybdenum, Nickel Molybdenum
Size1.5 mm; 2.5 mm
ShapeExtrusions (Computer-Designed Shape)

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