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Effective Adsorbent for Contaminant Removal in Propylene Streams

ActiSorb® 300 Series

The ActiSorb® 300 series is optimized for trace removal of the contaminants, carbonyl sulfide (COS), arsine (AsH3) and phosphine (PH3), in steam cracker streams with hydrocarbon feedstocks, such as propylene, LPG and naphtha. The adsorbents offer superior contaminant removal in either the gas or liquid phase, achieving feed purity below detectable poison limits. As a result, downstream polymerization catalysts are effectively protected, and can achieve maximum activity and selectivity to optimize productivity and profitability for producers.
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  • Purifies propylene feed from COS, arsine, and phosphine
  • Reduces the consumption of polymerization catalysts
  • Extremely valuable for downstream operations
  • Product purity below the detectable limit can be achieved
Product compositionCopper, Zinc/Manganese
Size4.8 x 3.2 mm, 1.5 mm, 3 mm
ShapeTablets, (Computer-Designed Shape) Extrusions
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