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ActiSorb® S7 RS

High-Performance Sulfur Guard

Edition Date :
April 06, 2021

ActiSorb® S7 RS is designed for the removal of trace sulfur compounds from liquid hydrocarbon streams, such as naphtha purification in catalytic reformers and isomerization units. 


Due to its computer designed shape (CDS) and high nickel content, ActiSorb S7 RS has a much higher capacity for sulfur than standard nickel-based materials and copper-based adsorbents. This makes it ideal for applications requiring fine purification.


Since ActiSorb S7 RS is non-selective, it can efficiently remove a wide range of refractory sulfur species such as H2S, disulfides, mercaptans and thiophenes under a wide range of operating conditions. 


  • Complete removal of all sulfur species 
  • High tolerance for sulfur spikes 
  • Capable to remove thiophenes and heavy molecular weight mercaptans 
  • Longer cycle life leads to fewer outages 
  • Reduction of costly turnarounds 
  • Higher recovery value when recycled 
  • Fast start-up with pre-reduced and stabilized form (RS)
  • Increase in geometric surface area of 55% due to CDS
  • Pressure drop of 22% due to CDS


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Product compositionNickel
Size1.6 mm
ShapeCDS extrusions