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Heavy Reformate and feeds with high Bromine Index

Tonsil® APT-mX

TONSIL ® APT series catalysts have their basis on the expertise which was gained with the TONSIL® CO series. The Tonsil APT series has multiple products for each process to meet the different requirements in terms of activity and selectivity. Generally, Tonsil catalysts contain less side reaction active sites and have high surface area and superior pore properties. Those properties ensure the long cycle time of Tonsil catalysts, thus reduce the number of change outs and operation cost, increase the operation efficiency and reduce energy consumption. Clariant has gained now also with APT series years of experience in aromatics treatment.

TONSIL® APT series has several advantages over the TONSIL® CO series.
  • No sand grading is required - Loading procedure is less complex without sand grading
  • Higher bulk density
  • Longer cycle life
  • Less start-ups and shut-downs
  • Lower pressure drop
  • Lower energy consumption
  • Finally leads to lower CAPEX and OPEX over the whole year
    • Longstanding experience around the world with multiple feedstocks
    • Excellent cycle life even for heavy feedstocks and high amount of impurities
    • Less start-ups and shut-downs
    • Easy reactor loading procedure
      Aromatic complexes: olefin removal from heavy reformate and mixed xylenes    
    • Assistance during start-up and shut-down
    • Performance Monitoring - Optimizing of performance and increase time on-stream
    • On-site coaching of technical personnel
    • Detection of de-activation mechanism and impurities
    • Typical packaging in 1.000kg big bags
    • Protection against moisture through double shrink wrapping foil
    • ISO 9001
    • ISO 14001
    • ISO 18001
    Main components Aluminum Silicate
    Shape Extrudate
    Size [mm] 3-5

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    Tonsil® APT-mX

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