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Corrosion Inhibitor


Clariant Oil Services’ CORRTREAT corrosion inhibitors were designed to prevent and reduce corrosion.

Part of a comprehensive range of chemical products and associated integrity management services, CORRTREAT corrosion inhibitors prevent both general and localized (pitting) corrosion by providing high temperature protection, high shear protection, high CO2 O2, and H2S protection and top of the line protection. CORRTREAT corrosion inhibitors are also developed as multifunctional products (e.g. in combination with scale, wax, foamer, etc.), increasing efficiency and reducing costs, and in compliance with the most stringent environmental regulations.


Products from the CORRTREAT product line for extreme environments are highly effective in:

  • Very sour oil and gas production systems, like those in Canada and Turkmenistan
  • Sweet systems, such as those found in Canada and Alaska
  • Oxygen-rich environments caused by ingress or use of oxygenated injection water


Applications for CORRTREAT corrosion control and inhibition technologies include:

  • Oil and gas processing
  • Downhole
  • Deepwater
  • Gas lift
  • Midstream and crude transportation


A customer and independent third party validated results:

  • Extensive laboratory testing has been performed by multiple major oil and gas producers on numerous corrosion inhibitors for extreme environments
  • Our water-soluble corrosion inhibitor for extreme environments was tested against multiple corrosion inhibitors from several major suppliers
  • Our CORRTREAT product line has been ranked #1 by multiple producers as the best performing corrosion inhibitor for their fields


Read more on how CORRTREAT 15858® alleviated a South Texas operator’s oxygenated environment to address and reduce corrosion rates. 

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  • Corrosion inhibitor

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