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Asphaltene Control Technologies


Clariant Oil Services’ FLOTREAT range of downhole treatments removes and prevents asphaltene deposits and resolves emulsions that have formed in the near-wellbore.
  • FLOTREAT asphaltene control technologies reduce asphaltene fouling in pipelines, downhole tubulars and surface processes, improves dehydration through the removal of asphaltene interface pads, offers squeeze applications for downhole and reservoir protection, and prevents asphaltene deposition from mixing incompatible fluids.
  • FLOTREAT DR drag reducers increase fluid throughput to water injection or disposal wells, as well as multiphase or hydrocarbon transportation systems. FLOTREAT DR drag reducers allow more fluid to be transported through a pipeline or flowline using a similar energy input / cost, allow the same fluid to be transported through a pipeline or flowline using less energy / cost, and allow for increased water injection to occur, thus improving reservoir sweep and oil recovery rates. FLOTREAT DR drag reducers also help minimize the erosion of pipelines and flowlines.
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