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Near Wellbore Remediation Technologies


Clariant Oil Services’ LIBERATE near wellbore remediation technology is an integrated system of solutions that focuses on damage removal in the wellbore region that negatively affects the normal oil production curve.

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Developed to help mitigate the loss of revenue and production resulting from partial blockages of the pore spaces due to the deposition of organic materials, a LIBERATE treatment begins with the innovative “LIBERATE Engineering Analytics & Diagnostics” (LEAD) program.
Clariant Oil Services experts apply the LEAD program to design a custom solution to remediate well damage. Then, the deployed chemical treatment will penetrate through the near wellbore area, dissolving and removing the particulate matter that has created the blockages. The LEAD program design will also include a brief shut-in period, followed by a systematic approach to flowing back the well safely. Once the well is brought back on full production, the hydrocarbons are naturally released to flow freely through the recently cleaned and opened pore spaces. This return to higher production levels will provide financial benefits to your company. One more way that Clariant Oil services is delivering value through innovation.
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