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Demulsifier Technologies


Clariant Oil Services’ PHASETREAT demulsifier technology has successfully separated the world’s oil from water for more than 50 years—from the lightest sweet crudes to the heaviest sour crudes, from Alaska to the Far East—and in compliance with some of the most stringent environmental regulations.

For more details see our Innovation Spotlight video.
  • PHASETREAT demulsifier technology can be used to treat light, medium and heavy crudes, ASP and steam flood systems, EOR – polymer flood systems, slop oil, oil sands, naphthenic crude and fluid and solid separation. 
  • PHASETREAT demulsifier technologies provide value through dry export oil, rapid water drop, optimized process control, low salt in crude, oil recovery of crude processing waste and sludge, high quality effluent water for disposal re-injection, and the reduction / elimination of high viscosity emulsions. 
  • PHASETREAT products also address the challenges associated with the production of acidic crude oil containing high levels of naphthenic acid. Clariant Oil Services has expert personnel that will help you define the problem caused by naphthenates, and develop the optimum treatment solution to ensure your operation runs at maximum efficiency.
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  • Emulsifier
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For more details see our Innovation Spotlight video.

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