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Hydrotest Technologies


Clariant Oil Services’ PRESERVAN line of hydrotest technologies delivers exemplary performance in a variety of easy-to-use, flexible options to meet all of your pipeline and process preservation needs.


The PRESERVAN range of technologies also includes multi-functional products that can contain oxygen scavenger to remove dissolved oxygen, biocide to control the proliferation of bacteria responsible for MIC, corrosion inhibitors to prevent general and local corrosion, and dyes that enable the remote detection of leaks and seeps from the pipeline. 

Also available as single-blend, combination products, PRESERVAN technologies decrease complexity – one product and one injection point – as well as reducing chemical movement, thus improving logistics and safety. The high level of performance offered by these multi-functional products is equivalent to dosing with individual products separately; treatment time and equipment costs are also therefore reduced. There are also no chemical compatibility issues, as the ‘cocktail’ of chemicals are already combined in one fluid. 

The PRESERVAN range of products have been designed to fulfill all of the industry’s needs and for a wide range of applications, including oil and gas export pipelines, topside production facilities, subsea umbilical, risers and flowlines (SURF), open or closed annuli and J-tubes, water injection lines and vessels and storage tanks.
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