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Surfactant and Wetting Agent Technologies


Clariant Oil Services’SURFTREAT range of technologies comprises product functionalities such as cleaning, detergency, wettability modification and other general surfactant type applications.
SURFTREAT chemical technologies have been developed to help users regain well productivity and maintain safe and environmentally-acceptable operations. Products offered under the SURFTREAT brand provide treatment solutions for chemically-assisted pipeline cleaning for pigging operations, and wettability modification for pre-treatment prior to, for example, acid dissolver treatment.

Downhole production problems such as scale, paraffin, H2S scavenging and corrosion can also be usefully treated or pre-treated using SURFTREAT products. Benefits of adding SURFTREAT production chemical technologies to your operations include extended well life, optimized production, reduced costs through the application of multifunctional surfactant-based products, improved logistics and cost-effective solutions to mechanical cleaning alternatives.
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