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Inert high temperature solvent

Polyglycol DME 1000

Polyglycol DME 1000 can be used as an inert high-temperature solvent, as a plasticizer for polymers or PTC as a cost-effective alternative to crown-ethers and as an additive for electroplating
  • Safe handling
  • inert
  • completely miscible with water
  • high complexing ability for metal ions
Product details
Product Function
  • Solvent
  • Plasticizers
Please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet for the complete and very latest safety information
Technical Data
Boiling Point [°C]  >360 
Flash Point [°C]
Water solubility [g/L]
Completely miscible
Delivery Form
  • Polyglycol DME 1000: waxy solid
  • Polyglycol DME 1000/50: 50% solution in water

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Polyglycol DME 1000

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