Polyglykol 200 LVC
Humectant for Pigment Preparations

Polyglykol 200 LVC

Humectant for Pigment Preparations

Edition Date :
August 10, 2020
Polyglykol 200 LVC is a very low-VOC humectant for water-borne pigment preparations with little impact on wet scrub resistance.

Polyglykol 200 LVC retards the drying of pigment pastes and forms a soluble film of the pigment preparation. Polyglykol 200 LVC prevents the clogging of the nozzles of tinting systems and metering machines.

The dosage in pigment preparations varies from 5 – 15% in the preparation.
- For organic pigments: 25 – 30% on pigments
- For inorganic pigments: 10 – 15% on pigments
Polyglykol 200 LVC offers the following advantages:

  • little impact on wet scrub resistance at usual charges
  • low VOC-content (< 0.2 wt.%)
  • hazard label free
  • free of alkylphenol ethoxylates (APEO)
  • compliant with ecolabel criteria
Polyglykol 200 LVC is used as humectant for water-borne pigment preparations.

The dosage in pigment preparations varies from 5 – 15% in the preparation.
- For organic pigments: 25 – 30% on pigments
- For inorganic pigments: 10 – 15% on pigments

Composition:  Polyethylene glycol with an average molecular weight of 200 g/mole
Active content: approx. 100%
Appearance: clear, colourless liquid
Density: approx. 1.1 g/cm3
Viscosity: approx. 60 mPas
Solubility: miscible with water in any ratio
pH value: 5 - 7.5
Flash point: approx. 200°C
VOC content: < 0.2 wt.%
  • Very low VOC content (< 0.2 wt.% acc. to ISO 11890-2)
  • Reflects market trend towards low odor waterborne paints having less impact on the environment than solvent borne paints
  • Development of hazard label-free formulations
  • Free of environmental hazard label
  • Less impact on aquatic life (LC50 > 100mg/l)
  • Readily biodegradable > 90 % (10d) according to OECD Test Guideline 302B

  • High quality standard and stable product properties with narrow low VOC specifications
  • Compliant with eco label criteria (European Ecoflower, German Blue Angel, Scandinavian Nordic Swan, French NF Environment)
  • Suitable to replace solvents such as ethylene glycol, propylene glycol and low molecular weight glycol ethers

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