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Genamin D01/2000

Genamin D01/2000 is a high molecular weight, hydrophobic building block or macromonomer with two reactive functional amine groups. The amine groups react faster and form more stable reaction products than the hydroxyl groups of corresponding polypropylene glycols.
Genamin D01/2000 shows chemical reactions typical for primary diamines like the following:

  • Ammonium salt formation with inorganic and organic acids
  • Reaction with mono and di functional isocyanates to form urea or polyuria derivatives
  • Reaction with mono and di functional carboxylic acids, anhydrides or esters to form diamides or polyamides
  • Reaction with epoxides to form amino alcohols
  • Reaction with aldehydes and ketones to form imines
Product details
Product Function
  • Intermediate & process aid
Chemical Type
  • Polyether amine
  • Chemical synthesis
  • Paint additive manufacturing
  • Resin synthesis
  • General industrial applications
Genamin D01/2000 can be used for the following applications:

  • Difunctional chemical intermediates and hydrophobic monomers
  • Synthesis of polyureas and modified polyurethanes
  • Use as epoxy curing co-agent for epoxy coatings with high flexibility
  • Reactive di functional building block in polyamide adhesives and epoxy adhesives
  • Reactive component for elastomers, thermoplastics and coatings
  • Synthesis of emulsifiers, dispersing agents, defoamers or corrosion inhibitors with low vapor pressure
Technical data
 Composition:   Polypropylene glycol ether diamine, average molecular weight about 2000 g/mole
 Active content: approx. 100%
 Appearance: yellowish to colourless, viscous liquid
 pH value: 10.4
 Amine number: 52 - 57 mg KOH/g
 Solubility: < 0,3 g Genamin D 01/2000 soluble in water
soluble in isopropanol or acetate
 Density: approx. 1.0 g/cm3
 Viscosity:  approx. 400 mPas
 Solid point: < - 20 °C 

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Genamin D01/2000

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