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Genamin M41/2000

Genamin M 41/2000 is a random EO/PO copolymer end-capped with a primary amino group.
Genamin M41/2000 offers the following properties:

  • very good soluble in cold or hot water and in many organic solvents like isopropanol or acetone
  • slowly absorbs carbon dioxide from air and water from humid air
  • the amino group reacts faster and forms more stable compounds than the hydroxyl group of the corresponding polyether alcohol

Genamin M41/2000 shows chemical reactions typical for primary amines like formation of:

  • ammonium salts (pH dependent) with inorganic or organic acids,
  • amides with carboxylic acids, anhydrides or esters,
  • urea derivatives with isocyanates uncatalyzed at room temperature,
  • aminoalcohols with epoxides,
  • imines with aldehydes or ketones.
Product details
Chemical Name
  • 83713-01-3
Product Function
  • Intermediate & process aid
Chemical Type
  • Glycol ethers
  • Paint additive manufacturing
  • Chemical synthesis
Based on the chemical and physical characteristics Genamin M41/2000 can be used in many fields of application like:

  • Monofunctional chemical intermediate and hydrophilic macromonomer for end-capping.
  • Synthesis of comb polymers with flexible polyether side-chains linked for example by amide groups to the back bone.
  • Formulation of emulsifiers or synthesis of emulsifiers and dispersants.
  • Raw material for superplasticizer in concrete.
  • Pigment modification.
  • Reactive building block in adhesives.
  • Corrosion inhibitor with low vapour pressure.
Technical data
 Composition:   Methyl polyalkylene oxide monoamine, average molecular weight about 2000 g/mole
 Active content: approx. 95%
 Appearance: yellowish to colourless, viscous liquid
 pH value: 10.6
 Amine number: 25 - 31 mg KOH/g
 Solubility: completely miscible with water
 Density: approx. 1.077 - 1.080 g/cm3
 Viscosity:  approx. 360 - 480 mPas
 Pour point: 5 - 15 °C 

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Genamin M41/2000

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