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Silicone-based defoamer


PREVOL Z-70 is a liquid foam control agent with very low silicone content for adhesives, coatings and inks based on synthetic latex emulsions.

PREVOL Z-70 is very effective during the mixing, dispersing and milling processes. Due to its components, it is easily dispersed and acts immediately to release entrapped air in foam bubbles and to prevent undesired foam built-up. It maintains its efficiency during long periods of agitation.

The recommended dosage is 2.4-3.2 kg of PREVOL Z-70 for 1000 liters of paint. This amount is sufficient to control the foam efficiently.In adhesives we recommend dosages between 1-2 % of Antimussol Z-70 based on the total latex solids.

This defoamer can be used as it is or as a water dispersion.

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