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Preserve Freshness in Refrigerated Case Ready Meat


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Oxy-Guard™ Case Ready Meat oxygen absorbers are specially formulated to achieve fast and efficient removal of oxygen from case ready meat packaging to maintain a low oxygen environment. This absence of oxygen safeguards meat's shelf life and appeal by slowing down the chemical oxidation of nutrients, color, fat and flavor, and the growth of aerobic spoilage organisms, during shipping and onward distribution.

Oxy-Guard™ Case Ready Meat is offered in a variety of sizes based on the package size, and the residual air inside the package. It is designed to remove oxygen quickly and effectively from master packages, and remove any residual, or ingress of, oxygen during shipment and storage.

Clariant also offers Oxy-Guard™ Oxygen Scavenging Packets, also known as oxygen absorbers, for packaged foods.

For more information about our desiccant, oxygen absorber, and humidity indicator solutions, visit our Cargo & Device Protection page.

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  • Fast efficient removal of oxygen from master package
  • Protect color, flavor, and fat from oxidation
  • Removal of residual oxygen and oxygen ingress, during shipment and storage
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