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Soil Release Polymer

TexCare SRN 260

Soil release polymer for liquid and powder detergents. Delivers fabric hydrophilization & reduction of soil redepositioning in liquid laundry formulations. Compatible with Nordic Swan criteria.
  • Protects clothes by preventing soil from penetrating deep into the fabric
  • Produces soil release effect in the next wash
  • Helps remove stains in the first wash
  • Maintains whiteness of clothes even after multiple washes
  • The soil release performance allows a reduction in washing temperature, detergent concentration and mechanical action, which further helps to protect fabrics
Product details
Product Function
  • Soil Release Polymer
Chemical Type
  • Soil Release Polymers
  • Laundry pre-treatment
  • Laundry liquid detergents
Performance Claims
  • Detergency booster
  • Soil release effect
  • Stain removal
  • Maintains whiteness
  • Cold washing
  • Improved skin feel of synthetic fabrics
TexCare® SRN 260 can be used in all kinds of liquid detergent formulations, e.g. heavy duty-, color and fine fabric detergents. In particular, TexCare® SRN 260 shows improved stability against hydrolysis at higher pH values than other TexCare® grades. TexCare® SRN 260 can also be formulated into fabric softeners together with cationic surfactants. In addition, TexCare® SRN 260 may be applied in liquid hard surface cleaners.
Environmental labels
  • China Registration
  • EU Ecoflower compatibility
  • Kosher
  • Nordic Swan ADW
  • Nordic Swan HDWL/HSC/L
  • Vegan
  • Chemical Nature:
    Soil release polymer
  • Product Function:
  • Renewable Carbon Index (RCI):
    0 %
  • Environmental Working Group (EWG) Score:
  • Leaping Bunny: Individual scrutiny is needed to deliver precise conclusions for your product . Get in touch for more information.
  • For the Halal statement please get in touch with your sales contact.

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TexCare SRN 260

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