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Our 3-in-1 multitool for high performance paints

Genamin Gluco 50

Clariant’s latest innovation for the paint industry is Genamin® Gluco 50 – a renewable-based, VOC/SVOC-free multifunctional additive without any hazard labeling, thus the ideal ingredient for ecolabel certified paints. 

Boost wall-to-wall performance of your paints – with a single stroke: Genamin® Gluco 50 - reduce complexity, save costs and reap additional benefits with our 3-in-1 multitool!

Genamin® Gluco 50 is a formulator’s Swiss army knife for waterborne systems: stabilizer, compatibilizer, neutralizer and much more.   

Curious?! So, why waiting? Order your sample now and try it out or schedule your call with our local sales teams.



Performance benefits:

  • Improving lifetime of the paint. Storage stability is given even in colder regions
  • Increasing tinting strength thanks to better pigment compatibility
  • Enhanced metal protection due to reduced flash rust formation
  • Meeting consumer demand for low-odor, easy-to-use paints
  • No negative influence on paint properties such as gloss or drying


Sustainability benefits:

  • VOC/SVOC-free (below the detection limit according to ISO 11890-2 and 16000-9)
  • Based on renewable resources (renewable share 75%)
  • Free of human and environmental hazard label
  • German water hazardous class WGK 1
  • Readily biodegradable


Product details
Product Function
  • Neutralizer
Chemical Type
  • Amines and derivatives
  • Emulsion polymerization
  • Pigment preparation
  • Waterborne paints
  • Decorative paints
  • Compatibilizing
  • Dispersing
  • Emulsion paints, in-and outdoor, low PVC (20-50%) and high PVC (40-80%)
  • Water-based lacquers, in-and outdoor, gloss and semigloss
  • Water-based pigment preparations, organic + inorganic pigments, for in-plant tinters + POS
  • Emulsion polymerization, pure acrylic
  • Fumed silica slurries

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Genamin Gluco 50

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