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Alternative to triazine H2S scavenging


SCAVINATOR, a water-soluble scavenger that removes sulfides from gases and liquids, was developed to control hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Unlike triazine, SCAVINATOR has minimal pH impact, which reduces associated mineral scaling. What separates SCAVINATOR is the speed at which it scavenges H2S, and its ability to control solid reaction products post-scavenging. Our non-triazine scavenger contains a patented catalyst component which yields kinetics equivalent to triazine. Although buildup is inevitable while using scavenger chemistry, SCAVINATOR contains a solids-suppressant which prevents buildup without effecting scavenger efficiency.

SCAVINATOR’s performance is field proven and has begun several extended trials and applications conducted with large producers in the Eagle Ford Shale in South Texas by both direct injection and contact tower applications. On average, the contact tower applications loading capacity of triazine is 0.75 lbs. of H2S per gallon of product. SCAVINATOR has provided on average 0.85 lbs. of H2S per gallon, an almost 15% increase. Furthermore, it is often common to observe a less than theoretical loading capacity in contact tower applications because of operational challenges associated with highly-loaded scavenger. During the continuous injection applications, SCAVINATOR achieved an astounding 1.25 lbs. of H2S per gallon, which is identical to the theoretical loading, which shows the efficacy of solids control within SCAVINATOR. This technology is suited for gas and multiphase H2S scavenging. While the field trials were successful, the safety benefits of SCAVINATOR are also exceptional. The lack of solid deposition encountered with this new chemistry allows for more sustainable operations with less downtime required to address the detrimental effects of mineral scaling. The increased gas breakthrough times, loading capacity, and efficiency of SCAVINATOR also showcase the commercial, technical, safety, and environmental benefits provided by this chemistry. The introduction of SCAVINATOR to the industry is revolutionizing H2S scavenging and providing a more cost-effective, higher performing, trouble-free alternative to triazine scavengers.
  • Less downtime due to best-in-class solids control
  • Minimal pH impact on associated mineral scaling yielding enhanced flow assurance
  • Comparable to superior scavenger efficiency compared to triazine
  • Cost competitive compared to triazine
  • No impact on fluid separation
  • Minimal refinery corrosion impact 
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