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Catalysts for Gas-Phase Selective Hydrogenation of Methylacetylene and Propadiene (MAPD) in "Tail-End" Configurations

OleMax® 300 Series

OleMax® 300 series catalysts are optimized for the removal of methylacetylene and propadiene (MAPD) contaminants from propylene/propane streams via tail-end selective hydrogenation in the gas phase (vapor phase). 

The palladium-based catalysts offer outstanding selectivity and performance in decreasing MAPD concentrations to below 10 ppm, thereby increasing propylene production yields. The catalysts also feature excellent operating flexibility as well as long life cycles, and can be regenerated in situ with steam/air. 

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  •  Increases propylene production 
  •  Reduces MAPD 
  •  High selectivity and stability 
  •  Long operating cycles 
  •  High operational stability 
Product compositionPalladium on aluminum-oxide carrier
Size3-5 mm
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