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Enhanced recyclability of polyolefin films

AddWorks® PKG 906 Circle

AddWorks PKG 906 Circle is a Clariant proprietary polymer stabilizer composition used to increase plastic waste recycling in polyolefin film manufacturing. It is particularly well suited for BOPP production, while also applicable to cast and blown film process. It allows to use increased amounts of recycled resin or film during the film manufacturing process without loss of film quality or production efficiency.

  • Cost savings and value creation through higher recycling rates of plastic recycling
  • Outstanding polyolefin resin protection supporting best possible film quality
  • Significant gel & black spot reduction
  • Maintained high line speeds
  • Reduced film breakage
  • Suitable for most PO film processes

The product does not require a hazard warning label according CLP regulation (Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008, as amended).
For further information please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.

Chemical Composition

Chemical nature:        Antioxidant composition

Classification:             Antioxidant 


Delivery Specifications and (*) General Properties

Characteristics  Unit Target value Test method
Appearance white to slightly yellowish granules QM-AA-634
Bulk density [g/l] 500-700 ISO 60
Moisture content [%] max. 0.1 QM-04TH-0101

AddWorks PKG 906 Circle is recommended for use in recycling of polyolefins and in particular in film production, such as BOPP, cast and blown film processes. It comes as an easy to use and free flowing granulate.

The recommended dosage level of AddWorks PKG 906 Circle is 0.12 - 0.18% on the recycle stream. The dosage is fully tuneable depending on parameters such as base resin quality, film type, recyclate quality and amount of recyclate added. 

Packaging and Handling

Delivery form

Cardboard box 240kg with 12 PE/Alubags of 20 kg
Cardboard box 480kg with 24 PE/Alubags of 20 kg

For best shelf life store this product in a dry area at normal ambient temperatures.
Minimum shelf life is two years from the date of shipping when properly stored in the original sealed packaging. 

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AddWorks® PKG 906 Circle

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