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Olefin Polymerization Catalysts for Polypropylene Production

PolyMax® 500 Series

PolyMax® 500 is the one catalyst for a complete slate of polypropylene (PP) products. The olefin polymerization Ziegler Natta catalyst is commercially proven for the production of various PP grades in all major platforms. Thanks to its high, process-optimized activity, and excellent polypropylene isotacticity control, the catalyst enables the production of a broad range of PP products at highly competitive operating costs – without cumbersome and costly catalyst changes. Producers also benefit from the high fluff bulk density achievable with PolyMax 500, which allows for higher reactor throughput. 


Jointly developed by Clariant and Lummus Technology, PolyMax 500 catalysts are available in a variety of sizes to suit different polypropylene production lines, including major bulk, bulk loop, and gas phase processes.
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  • Jointly developed by Lummus Technology and Clariant
  • Ease of use: catalysts enable PP producers to manufacture their entire product range without cumbersome catalyst changes
  • High quality: excellent morphology control during polymerization
  • High fluff bulk density
  • Process-optimized catalyst activity level and excellent isotacticity control ensure globally competitive operational costs while maintaining full process control to tailor-make PP products for different application properties
  • Commercially proven in PP production lines including the major bulk, bulk loop, and gas phase processes
  • Available in different particle sizes to fit the needs of diverse PP processes. PolyMax 500 S offers the smallest size, which is uniquely adapted to gas-phase processes
  • Extensive technical service
Product compositionMagnesium chloride, Titanium chloride, Phthalate internal donor
Size40 µm, 20 µm


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