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High Performance UV Absorber for Waterborne Coatings

Hostavin® 3315 DISP

Hostavin 3315 DISP is a 52% aqueous dispersion of a benzotriazole UV absorber, designed for UV stabilization of paints and clearcoats. This sustainable UV absorber is characterized by its broad compatibility, high resistance to migration and low extraction, making it particularly suitable for wood and plastics coatings. Hostavin 3315 DISP has been awarded with an EcoTain label resulting from its excellent toxicological profile.

  • Hostavin 3315 DISP is an easy to use dispersion requiring no milling or dissolving before use and can be incorporated at any stage of the paint production.
  • Hostavin 3315 DISP can be used without any impact on the labeling of the final coating formulation. This is particularly important for the Do It Yourself (DIY) consumer market.
  • Migration resistance and high thermal stability are key features of Hostavin 3315 DISP to enhance color stability and maintain high gloss in modern coating systems. 

The product does not require a hazard warning label according CLP regulation (Regulation (EC) No. 1272/2008, as amended).
For further information please refer to the Material Safety Data Sheet.

Chemical Composition

Chemical nature:        Water-based dispersion of a benzotriazole UV absorber

Classification:             Benzotriazole UV absorber

Delivery Specifications and (*) General Properties
CharacteristicsUnitTarget ValueTest Method
Appearance white to slightly yellowish dispersionA.999.3053
Solids content[%]63.5 - 68.5A.999.3053
UVA content[%]50 - 53A.031.0003
*Particle size distribution D90[µm]~ 7 
*Density (20°C)[g/cm3]~ 1.06 
*pH value ~ 6.5 

Hostavin 3315 DISP is recommended for all high performance waterborne coating systems.

For the stabilization of transparent coatings (e.g. wood clearcoats), it is recommended to use Hostavin 3315 DISP in combination with a HALS such as Hostavin 3070 DISP. Both products are benefiting from their low toxicity profile making them EcoTain certified. There is no contribution towards hazardous labeling of customer´s waterborne coating systems when using either Hostavin 3315 DISP or Hostavin 3070 DISP.

Recommended dosage level of Hostavin 3315 DISP:          1.0 - 3.0% (active additive on solid resin)

Packaging and Handling

Delivery form

Plastic drums 25 kg
Pallet 300 kg (12 drums)

Hostavin 3315 DISP can be stored for at least three years from the date of shipping when kept cool and dry in the original sealed containers. Storage temperatures above +40°C and below +4°C should be avoided. Hostavin 3315 DISP should always be well stirred prior to use, as a slight sedimentation might occur over time.


Safe use, transparency and information
• No labelling (no hazardous substances)
• Safe transportation
• Easy-to-use solution
• Can be used in non-explosive proof facility
Addressing megatrends and social needs
• Future-ready solution as the coatings industry moves to more water-based solutions

Raw materials and sustainable sourcing
• Benzotriazole chemistry with best-in-class sustainability performance
• Suitable for customers to obtain German Blue Angel, EU Ecolabel or Nordic Swan accreditation
Resource efficiency and environmental protection
• Low VOC impact
• High active content requires fewer deliveries (lower carbon footprint)
• Less packaging waste

Integrated sustainable business
• Ideal UVA dispersion partner for current EcoTain HALS dispersion, Hostavin 3070 DISP
Performance advantages
• High performance UV absorber with excellent photo-permanence
• Very high UVA content compared to many other water-based dispersions currently available on the market;

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Hostavin® 3315 DISP

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