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High-Performance Steam Reforming Catalyst for Ammonia, Hydrogen and Methanol Production

ReforMax® 210 LDP

ReforMax® 210 LDP is a potassium-promoted nickel-based catalyst for steam reforming of hydrocarbon feedstocks ranging from NG to LPG in the production of ammonia, hydrogen and methanol. The catalyst offers high activity and outstanding strength in a 10-hole ring shape that ensures low pressure drop.

ReforMax 210 LDP is typically loaded in the reformer tubes as the top layer (30-50%) on an un-promoted catalyst such as ReforMax 330 LDP. This way, the steam reforming catalyst provides added insurance against coking during plant startups, sudden feed changes, or other critical situations. Based on more than 60 years of expertise in catalysis, Clariant’s ReforMax series of syngas catalysts is commercially proven to be highly effective for a variety of feed conditions and process designs.
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  • Low pressure drop due to 10-hole LDP shape
  • High activity due to high geometric surface area                                  
  • Suppression of carbon formation due to potassium-promoted carrier                            
  • Outstanding physical strength  
Product compositionNiO, K2O, calcium aluminate
Size19 x 12 mm
Shape10 Hole Rings
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