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Next-Generation Catalyst for Steam Reforming and Autothermal Reforming

ReforMax® 330 LDP Plus

ReforMax® 330 LDP Plus is a novel steam reforming and autothermal reforming catalyst for ammonia, hydrogen and methanol production. Based on ReforMax 330 LDP, the new catalyst’s floral 8-hole form lowers pressure drop by an additional 20% while offering its predecessor’s high activity and selectivity.

ReforMax 330 LDP Plus is designed with a larger hole diameter, which greatly improves heat transfer. Moreover, by significantly reducing pressure drop, the innovative reforming catalyst enables higher gas throughput, as well as considerable energy savings in the production of ammonia, hydrogen and methanol. Syngas producers also benefit from the suppression of coke (carbon) formation, especially when ReforMax 330 LDP Plus is combined with ReforMax 210 LDP Plus
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Performance Benefits:
  • Reduced pressure drop by approx. 20% compared to LDP standard shape 
  • High activity due to high geometric surface area
  • Improved heat transfer due to greater hole diameters  
  • Suppression of carbon formation, especially when ReforMax® 330 LDP Plus is combined with ReforMax® 210 LDP Plus 
  • Outstanding physical strength

Commercial Benefits: 
  • Increased gas throughput due to lower pressure drop of the catalyst 
  • Energy savings in hydrogen, ammonia, and methanol production 
Product compositionNiO, calcium aluminate
Shape20 x 17 mm
Size8 hole Rings
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