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Active Catalyst as Heat Shield for Secondary Reforming

ReforMax® 400 GG

ReforMax® 400 GG is an active guard catalyst for secondary and autothermal reforming in the production of syngas, such as ammonia and methanol. It is typically used as a heat shield in the top layer instead of hexagonal target bricks. 

Unlike alumina balls and lumps, ReforMax 400 GG is catalytically active, and helps lower the bed temperature due to the endothermic reaction. The syngas catalyst is also ideal for use as a bottom-active support layer where extreme short loadings are required, or as a replacement for high-purity inert supports.
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  • Mechanically and thermally extremely stable guard catalyst for secondary reforming
  • Helps decrease catalyst bed temperature, thus preventing evaporation of alumina from the top layer and its re-condensation further down the bed
Product compositionNiO, alumina
Size33 x 18 mm
Shape6 hole Rings
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