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Robust Catalyst with By-Product Suppression for Low Temperature Water Gas Shift (LTS)

ShiftMax® 217

ShiftMax® 217 is a promoted version of our high-performance ShiftMax®207 low temperature shift (LTS) catalyst. The special promoter minimizes methanol by-product formation without decreasing the catalyst’s outstanding activity and stability for water gas shift reactions. 

Both ShiftMax syngas catalysts also feature high CO conversion over their long lifetimes, excellent poison resistance and superior physical strength. Their unparalleled performance and stability have been proven in numerous commercial LTS reactors worldwide.
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  • Commercially proven catalyst with numerous references in ammonia plants worldwide
  • Excellent mechanical stability in oxidized and reduced forms
  • Outstanding activity and stability over entire lifetime
  • Effective suppression of methanol formation without compromising catalyst activity or stability
Product compositionCuO, ZnO, Al2O3
Size5 x 3 mm
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