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Catalysts for Hydrogenation of Aromatic Compounds, Carboxyl Groups, Nitriles, or Resins and Rosins

NiSat® Series

NiSat® is a series of highly selective catalysts for hydrogenation, hydro-finishing, and fuel or distillate upgrading. It is used in numerous applications including the production of caprolactam, methylbutanol, and cyclohexane, or in the hydrogenation of acetone to isopropanol. The fixed-bed types are ideal for removing aromatic compounds or carboxyl groups, while the powders are best for slurry processes, such as conversion of nitriles to amines, or hydrogenation of resins and rosins. 

All NiSat hydrogenation catalysts are available as oxides, or in a reduced and stabilized form. The latter form significantly reduces start-up times, thus improving overall plant output.
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Fixed bed catalysts:
  • Low-temperature activity and high selectivity
  • High mechanical strength
  • Drop-in solution when reduced and stabilized form is used
  • Short start-up times
  • Low pressure drop and reduced diffusion limitations due to computer-designed shape
  • Reduction of carboxyl and aromatic compounds to low ppm ranges
  • Flexibility as available in various shapes and sizes
  • Proven technology for hydrogenation applications

Powder catalysts: 

  • Outstanding selectivity in slurry-phase hydrogenation applications
  • High particle stability and low attrition ensure long lifetime
  • Broad portfolio of nickel powders to address the needs of our customers
Product compositionNiO, SiO2, Al2O3, Promotors
Extrusions: 0.8 mm, 1.6 mm, 3.2 mm
Tablets: 5x3 mm, 6x6 mm
ShapeExtrusions (Computer-Designed Shape), Tablets, Powder
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