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Copper-chromite Catalysts for Hydrogenation of Aldehydes, Ketones or Esters to Alcohols

HyMax™ Series

HyMax is a series of copper-chromite hydrogenation catalysts that offer high acid stability for selective conversion of aldehydes, ketones or esters to the corresponding alcohols. The catalysts are ideal for liquid and trickle-bed hydrogenation, and can be applied in selected gas phase processes.

Typical applications for our robust copper-chromite catalysts include liquid-phase production of fatty-alcohol or oxo-alcohol, as well as amines. HyMax hydrogenation catalysts are supplied as tablets or in powder form, and available as oxides, or reduced and stabilized under liquid (e.g. decanol). 
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  • Copper/chromite crystal structure results in high acid stability
  • Complete reduced and liquid-stabilized version do not require further activation
  • Mechanical robustness provides long lifetimes
  • Addition of promotors influence acidity and selectivity of the catalyst
  • Proven technology for a variety of liquid and trickle bed processes
  • References in gas-phase applications
Product compositionCuO, Cr2O3, Promotor
Tablets: 3x3 mm, 4.5x3 mm, 4.5x4.5mm 
ShapeTablets, Powder
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