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Copper Catalysts for Hydrogenation and Dehydrogenation in the Conversion of Aldehydes, Ketones or Esters to Alcohols

HySat™ Series

HySat is a series of chromium-free copper catalysts for hydrogenation of ketones, aldehydes or esters to the corresponding alcohols. The broad range includes copper-zinc, copper-alumina and copper-bismuth catalysts suitable for fixed-bed or slurry hydrogenation processes. 

The HySat series’ excellent performance is commercially proven for the production of oleochemicals, butane-diol, hexane-diol or oxo-alcohol. The catalysts’ highly dispersed copper crystallites ensure high activity, while their structural promoters increase selectivity and lifetime, as well as inhibit deactivation effects, such as sintering.

HySat hydrogenation catalysts are available as powder catalysts, or as tablets for fixed-bed processes. Thanks to a choice of tablet sizes, and the catalysts’ high mechanical stability, producers benefit from low pressure drop, and extended change-out cycles. Selected products are available in reduced and stabilized form, which significantly shortens start up times, thus increasing overall plant output.
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  • Broad portfolio covering vast number of hydrogenation reactions and conditions
  • Small copper-crystal sizes: High activity and selectivity
  • Promotor addition: Impact on catalyst selectivity and chemical stability
  • High mechanical integrity
  • Different tablets sizes available: Low pressure drop over the reactor
  • Reduced and stabilized version significantly reduces start-up times
Product composition
CuO, ZnO, Al2O3
CuO, Al2O3
CuO, Bi
Tablets: 3x3 mm, 5x5 mm, 6x3 mm, 6x4 mm, 
ShapeTablets, Powder
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