Dispersogen® PLF 100

Dispersant for waterborne pigment concentrates

Edition Date :
September 20, 2021
Dispersogen PLF 100 is a polymeric dispersing agent. It is distinguished by its superior storage stability, excellent color strength and low foaming during pigment paste fabrication. When applied in a finished paint it shows reduced blocking and low leaching for exterior paints. Dispersogen PLF 100 can be used not only for organic pigments, but also for selected inorganic pigments and carbon black. It is APEO/ NPEO-free, low VOC and free of any organic solvents and structural units of concern. Dispersogen PLF complies with criteria of the European Ecoflower, the German Blue Angel and the Scandinavian Nordic Swan.


The use of Dispersogen PLF 100 offers the following advantages:


- Low foaming during pigment past preparation
- Outstanding storage stability up to 2-year storage on the shelf and
- Consistent color strength over this period
- Broad applicability
- Low foaming during paint appliation
- Reduced blocking
- Low leaching


- Suitable for eco-labels
- No structural units of concern
- APEO/NPEO-free
- Low VOC (< 1% in ISO 11890-2)
- Free of organic solvents


Product Function
  • Wetting & dispersing agent
Chemical Type
  • Polymers
  • Wetting
  • Dispersing


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Dispersogen® PLF 100

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Technical data

 Composition:  Comb polymer with pigment affine groups
 Active substance content: approx. 100%
 Appearance at 25 °C : yellowish, high viscous
 pH value, 10m-% in water : approx. 4.5-5.0
 Solubility at 20 °C :soluble in water
 Density at 50 °C (DIN 15212-1) : approx. 1.08 g/cm3
 Viscosity at 50 °C :2000-2400 mPas
 Pour point (ISO 3016): approx. 6 °C

Use recommendation in pigment preparations

 Organic pigment:  8-30 wt.-% on pigments
 Carbon blacks: 20-70 wt.-% on pigments
 Inorganic pigment: 5-8 wt.-% on pigments


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