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ActiSorb® GP 102

Adsorbent for Maximum H2S Removal in Natural Gas

Edition Date :
August 12, 2019
ActiSorb® GP 102 is a high-capacity hydrogen sulfide adsorbent for hydrocarbon gas streams, which lowers capital costs for fixed-bed applications, while reducing safety risks and maintenance costs. Its unique, non-hazardous formulation prevents agglomeration, as well as pyrophoricity of spent material.


  • Designed for maximum performance
  • Capable of over 40 wt% H2S pick-up
  • Drop-in replacement for other sulfur adsorbents
  • Free flowing at removal
  • Excellent resistance to liquid hydrocarbon and water carry-over
  • Minimizes self-heating behavior of spent material
  • Low attrition and minimum dust accumulation during loading
  • CO2 concentration up to 30% has minimal impact on capacity
  • Spent material is non-toxic, environmentally suitable


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Product Composition  Fe based
 Size 3, 4.5mm
 Shape Extrusions