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Highest sulfur pick-up for wet gas streams

ActiSorb® GP 102

ActiSorb® GP 102 is a non-regenerable product for sulfur removal in hydrocarbon gas streams.

The iron oxide material is engineered for specific pore size distribution to incorporate micro, meso, and macropores in an open structure that chemically bonds with sulfur and can have a pick-up capacity near theoretical limits that allow for longer cycle lengths and favorable cost of ownership. This results in a high removal capacity, which significantly improves processing cost efficiency. ActiSorb® GP 102 delivers this high performance at ambient temperatures, which helps keep energy costs low.

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Product benefits

  • Near theoretical pick-up capacity extends cycle lengths
  • Free-flowing at removal
  • Low and stable pressure drop
  • Poison resistance against liquid hydrocarbon and water carryover
  • No dust accumulation during loading
  • Spent material is non-toxic and can be reclaimed


Customer benefits

  • Less change-out costs
  • Longer lifetime
  • Quicker start-up (easy unloading)
  • Off-shore utilization
  • Drop-in replacement
Product Composition  Fe based
 Size 3 mm, 4.5 mm
 Shape Extrusions
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