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Catalyst for the removal of radioactive inorganic iodine

DSM 11

DSM 11 is a catalyst for the removal of radioactive inorganic iodine in nuclear power plants, nuclear waste reprocessing plants, and off-gas and air monitoring systems. It has been designed for the selective absorption of inorganic iodine in the presence of organic iodine compounds such as methyl iodine. In combination with Clariant's AC 6120 – which absorbs both iodine bound in organic compounds and inorganic iodine – complete iodine-balances can be generated.
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  • The adsorber system has been proven over decades.
  • Due to the specific composition of the adsorbents, noble gases will not be absorbed. 
Product composition
Potassium iodide, supported by acid resistant carriers
Sizes1.2 - 2.4 mm
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