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Catalyst Support Materials for Hydrothermal Reactions, Hydration and Oxidation

KA Series

The KA series consists of highly specific mesoporous alumosilicates which offer superior mechanical and chemical stability. Thus, they are ideal for use as catalysts and carriers in demanding reaction media, such as in hydrothermal, hydration, oxidation or alkylation reactions. 
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  • High mesoporous pore volume
  • High macroporous pore volume
  • Low microporosity 
  • Tailored specific surface areas 
  • High mechanical/attrition resistance 
  • Increased resistance to acids but also basic environments 
  • Increased resistance to hydrothermal or aqueous environments
  • Available as powders, granules or spheres
Product compositionSolid acids on alumo-silicates
ShapePowder, Granules or Spheres
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