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Chabazite Zeolites (CHA)

Advanced Zeolite Material of Chabazite Structure Type

Edition Date :
September 14, 2022
Our Chabazite (CHA) structured zeotypes are primarily used for automotive emission control, as well as in chemical processes such as conversion of methanol to olefins. The zeolites are also suitable for adsorption purposes, including hydrocarbon adsorption heat management, and active carbon replacement.

Clariant’s innovative zeolite powder with the Chabazite structure type is CZC (TiAPSO-34).


  • 3-dimensional pore structure and an opening of 4 Å
  • Innovative Chabazite material containing titanium and phosphorus within the framework
  • Highly water-stable zeotype structure able to withstand hydrothermal conditions


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Product composition
Chemical form: H
SizeSurface area: >400 m²/g
ShapeZeolite powder

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