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Phosphorus-containing epoxy resin

Exolit® EP 360 (TP)

Exolit EP 360 (TP) is a low-viscosity, halogen-free flame retardants based on phosphorus chemistry. Both solutions offer a broad resin compatibility, show no sedimentation and address the customer’s need for solvent free processing.
Product Data Sheet
  • Non-halogenated flame retardant with epoxy functionality
  • Low viscosity compared to alternative solutions
  • Broad epoxy resin compatibility
  • High phosphorus content
For regulatory details such as the classification and labelling as dangerous substances or goods please refer to our corresponding Material Safety Data Sheet.

Exolit EP 360 (TP)

Characteristic Unit Target value DS1) TD2) Test method
Appearance   Colorless solid + ¨ Visual
Epoxy equivalent weight g/mol 470 - 650 + ¨  DIN 16945
Phosphorus % (w/w) 6.0 - 6.8 + ¨ after oxidizing dissolution
Density g/cm3 1.19 ¨  + Pycnometry
Viscosity mPa*s 36000 ¨  + Rheology (plate/plate, 80°C, 5 s-1)
(2% mass loss)
°C 310 ¨  + TGA (10 K/min, N2)

1) Delivery specification: The product is monitored on a regular basis to ensure that it adheres to the specified values. 
2) Technical data: The technical data are used solely to describe the product and are not subject to regular monitoring.




General Information 

Exolit EP 360 and Exolit EP 390 were designed as flame retardants for epoxy resin applications. Due to the broad epoxy resin compatibility, they can be mixed with most epoxy resins and homogenous systems are obtained. Therefore, both products can be used in formulations for traditional processing (prepreg, filament winding) and also for infusion and RTM processes where fire, smoke and toxicity performance is required. No filtering and settling occurs during processing. By careful optimization of resin formulation and processing temperature, low viscosity systems can be obtained.

Moreover, the products can be used in combination with other co-flame retardants to fulfill demanding flame retardant criteria, as they are required in transport applications (EN 45545, FAR 25.853). These formulations are still under development.

Exolit EP 390 shows in formulations with other epoxy resins at comparable phosphorus content a lower viscosity than Exolit EP 360.

A further reduction of viscosity is possible by use of reactive diluents. 

ComponentsUnit# 1# 2# 3# 4# 5(4)
Exolit EP 360g31.762.5
Exolit EP 390g22.843.5
Ingredients totalg100100100100100
Phosphorus% (w/w)
Viscosity (45°C, 5 s-1)mPa*s100058001 x 105410001 x 109
Viscosity (80°C, 5 s-1)mPa*s37025019009001 x 105

3) Commercially available, solvent free DOPO-modified, multifunctional epoxy resin.
4) Reference system.
5) DGEBA epoxy resin with 1200 mPa*s at 45°C and 80 mPa*s at 80°C.

Guiding Formulations for UL 94 

The amount of Exolit EP 360 or EP 390 depends on the required flame retardant performance and the total flame retardant system that is used in the formulation. UL 94, V-0 (3 mm) can be obtained at 3 wt. % phosphorus dosage if Exolit EP 360 or Exolit EP 390 is used in an DGEBA / DICY system as single flame retardant.

With aliphatic amines as hardener (TETA) a liquid, filler-free resin formulations can be obtained that show UL 94, V-0 performance at similar dosing levels. 

ComponentsUnit# 6# 7# 8# 9
DGEBA [EEW 180 g/mol]g48.844.959.2
Epoxy Novolac [EEW 185 g/mol]g63.1
Exolit EP 360 [EEW 510 g/mol]g46.946.8
Exolit EP 390 [EEW > 3000 g/mol]g32.632.6
Phosphorus% (w/w)
UL 94 rating (3 mm)(7)V-0 (6 s)V-0 (20 s)V-0 (4 s)V-0 (12 s)
Tg (DSC) / Tg (tan δ)°C110 / 130120 / 160- / 10895 / 105

6) Dicyandiamid (DICY) was used in combination with urea catalyst.
7) total burning time of 5 specimen in brackets.

Formulations were tested after curing, no reinforcement used. For fiber reinforced composites adjustments are required.

Packaging and Handling

Delivery form

Solid resin


Metal bottle (wide screw cap)         1 kg     (1 L)

Metal drum (open top)                   5 kg     (6 L)

Metal drum (open top)                  60 kg   (60 L)


Exolit EP 360 (TP) can be stored at room temperature. Drums should be closed completely to avoid the penetration of oxygen and moisture. Before use, it is required to homogenize the material by mixing or shaking of carefully heated material.

Storage stability: Long time experience still missing. We assume a storage stability of minimum 12 months if stored at maximum temperature of 25°C.


To optimize the mixing with the epoxy resin, it is recommended to preheat the Exolit EP 360 (TP). The products has a good temperature tolerance and can be heated up to 100 °C for several hours. For drums it is suggested to heat them in an oven and to check them for homogeneity before use.

Overheating of the material should be avoided as an increase in viscosity can be the consequence.

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Exolit® EP 360 (TP)

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