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Oxidation catalysts for the conversion of ethylene to vinyl-acetate monomer (VAM)

VAMax™ Series

The VAMax™ series of selective oxidation catalysts offers high activity for Vinyl-Acetate Monomer (VAM) producers. VAM is produced by reacting ethylene and acetic acid with oxygen (oxy-acetylation) in the presence of a catalyst. It is an essential building block for various polymer and co-polymer derivatives. 
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  • Consistent, outstanding performance in commercial-scale production over extended periods 
  • Superior ethylene-to-VAM selectivity
  • High activity allows producers to achieve high VAM yields, which reduces the investment required per ton of VAM capacity
  • Drop-in catalysts available for all activity and productivity requirements available
Product compositionPalladium / precious metals on meso-porous silicate carrier
Size5 mm
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