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Diesel particulate filter for the removal of toxic particulate matter with low NO2

EnviCat® DPF

EnviCat® DPF (Diesel Particulate Filter) catalysts greatly reduce emissions of Particulate Matter, CO and hydrocarbons (HC). The catalyzed wall-flow filters offer efficient emission control at low regeneration temperatures.

Hard-rock and base-metal mines sensitive to NO2 – in particular underground mines – must control vehicle emissions. Diesel Particulate Filters (DPFs) provide a primary means for the removal of toxic particulate matter, while maintaining low emissions of poisonous NO2.

The lower the temperature the DPF regenerates at, the better its overall performance. However, many passive emission control systems require high concentrations of NO2 or high exhaust temperatures to regenerate. Clariant offers a passively regenerating DPF that works across a very broad temperature range.
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  • Provides an optimal combination of low-temperature regeneration and low levels of NO2 for passively regenerating filters.
  • Typically allows operation below 50 ppm NO2 at the tailpipe over a machine's entire duty cycle.
  • Is listed by the U.S.  Mine Safety and Health Administration (MSHA).
  • Has been tested to operate across 90+% of diesel-powered underground and above-ground mining machines.
  • Is available in many sizes and configurations – on a factory-direct basis or through a distributor of your choice. 
Product compositionHousings made from laser-cut, TIG- or MIG-welded T304 or T409 stainless steel, with hardened flanges
SizeVarious sizes available as direct fit for many machines
ShapePacked into housings
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