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Catalyst against the climate-changing gas nitrous oxide

EnviCat® N2O

The EnviCat N2O catalyst removes nitrous oxide (N2O) from the tail gas of nitric acid plants. Nitrous oxide – commonly known as happy gas or laughing gas – is extremely harmful for our climate because of its about 25 times greater longevity in the earth's atmosphere than CO2.  

The catalyst removes nearly all of the nitrous oxide from the tail gas of nitric acid plants. It also renders innocuous other nitrogen oxides (often called NOx) that represent a considerable pollution threat. The nitrous oxide is converted in two stages: in the first stage, the nitrous oxide is decomposed to oxygen and nitrogen with the aid of the catalyst EnviCat N2O. In the second stage, the nitrogen oxides are mixed with ammonia to produce harmless nitrogen and water. 

N2O and NOx are reduced in this process by ammonia and/or short-chain alkanes like methane or propane yielding nitrogen as harmless product.
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  • Long operating life
  • High activity: reduces > 99% of N2O formed during the production of nitric acid ​
  • Can be operated in tail-end position (around 400°C) 
  • Variety of shapes depending upon need 
  • Outstanding physical strength: robustness in commercial operation​
Product compositionIron dispersed into the crystal lattice of zeolites (minerals containing mainly aluminum, silicon and oxygen)
Size3x5 mm
ShapeExtrusions (trilobe-shaped)
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