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Catalyst for the removal of nitrous oxide (N2O) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) from industrial off-gases

EnviCat® NSCR

EnviCat NSCR has been developed to remove nitrous oxide (N2O) and nitrogen oxides (NOx) from industrial off-gases.It is used in Non-Selective Catalytic Reductions (NSCR) applications such as Nitric Acid plants.

The catalyst operates like a three-way catalytic converters: Nitrous oxide (N2O) and nitrogen oxides are reduced by hydrocarbons in the absence of oxygen. This technology is especially useful if the tail-gas contains a broad spectrum of non-methane hydrocarbons, in addition to N2O and NOx, as all will be converted by the catalyst. 

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  • Highly dispersed precious metals produce high conversion activity
  • High temperature stability
  • Monoliths with large surface area deliver low pressure drop
  • Different cell densities available to match your needs
  • Long operating life
Product compositionPrecious metal coating on ceramic honeycomb carrier
SizeBlock size: 150 x150 x 50-150 mm to match equipment
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