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Collector for iron ore slimes flotation

Edition Date :
May 05, 2022

The iron ore concentration process requires the step of desliming in order to remove ultrafine particles that damage the conventional flotation performance. However, at this fraction there are still high contents of valuable iron minerals that, in most of the processes, are sent to the tailings dam as waste material.

FLOTINOR™ 5530 is a collector developed for iron ore slimes flotation. Slimes fraction, instead of being disposed at the tailings dam, can previously pass through a flotation step. Gangue minerals, mainly quartz and kaolinite, are floated and the iron minerals, mostly hematite and goethite, are kept in the concentrate.

FLOTINOR™ 5530 presents not only economical benefits, increasing the overall iron recovery at the processing plant, but also environmental benefits by reducing the amount of tailings generated by an iron ore processing plant.


  • Allows the concentration of iron ore slimes
  • Increased iron recovery in the overall process
  • Reduced tailings disposal
  • Biodegradable collector


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