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Edition Date :
July 08, 2021

Since the 1st of January 2020, the International Maritime Organization has implemented a sulphur limit for marine fuels of 0.5% also known as “IMO 2020”. Compliant low sulphur fuel oils (LSFO) may arrive from a waxy low sulphur crude diet and/or as a blend of different residual streams.

Clariant’s DISPERSOGEN® 2020 is a polymer based compatibility enhancer for LSFO. The product is used as a preventive measure to allow LSFO blending across all regions, which will help global refiners meet new regulation standards with fuel oil blends that remain stable and compatible.


  • Polymer based compatibility enhancer for LSFO tailor made for IMO 2020. 
  • Preventative measure to allow LSFO blending across all regions.
  • Reduces sludge formation upon mixing and will help global refiners meet new regulation standards with fuel oil blends that will remain stable and compatible.


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DISPERSOGEN® 2020 is intended for technical use only. Please consult the safety data sheet for further information.


The compatability with metals, plastics and elastomers were deduced from typical behavior against the containing solvent. The product is compatible for storage in carbon and stainless steel. Other compatible materials are e.g. PTFE and flouroelastomers.


Appearance Visual Brown Liquid
Density (20°C)
DIN 51757
 [g/cm3] 0.94
Viscosity (20 °C)
DIN 53015
 [mPas] 160
Pour Point
ISO 3016
 (°C) <-30
Flash Point
ISO 2719 B
 (°C) 62
Solubility (40 °C) Readily soluble in aromatics (e.g. xylene, naphthas).

For kerosene, stability tests are advisable.

Insoluble in water and methanol.

Application & Dose Rates

DISPERSOGEN® 2020 can be dosed undiluted into the fuel oil. The ideal blending temperature for the additive is approximately 20K above the pour point of the fuel oil.


The exact dose rate is depending on the overall stability of the fuel oil. Dose rates of between 50 - 500 ppm are required to stabilize typical fuel oil compositions. Higher dose rates of up to 1000 ppm may be used in extreme cases.

Packaging & Storage

DISPERSOGEN® 2020 is delivered in road tank cars, ISO container or 200L steel drums. A temperature of 20-40°C is recommended for storing the product. In closed containers, DISPERSOGEN® 2020 may be stored for at least two years.

Important: After prolonged storage at lower temperatures, the additive should first be heated and homogenized before further use.