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Edition Date :
April 29, 2020
Following the implementation of SECA zones (Sulphur Emission Control Areas) in 2015, the IMO 2020 regulation has now set a sulphur cap of 0.5% for the entire shipping industry globally.


Distillate based Marine fuel also known as marine diesel fulfills both Sulphur requirements and can be used as an universal ship fuel. Depending on the cut point, it may show an increased pour point that does not comply to the requirements of the ISO 8217 (e.g. DMA, DMB).

Clariant’s DODIFLOW ® 6087 is a highly, reliable fuel additive to improve the cold flow properties of low sulphur marine fuel distillates. In addition, it allows to fullfill the pour point specifications according to ISO 8217 as well as to improve the low temperature filterability (CFPP).


  • Polymer composition dissolved in high boiling hydrcarbons.
  • Fuel additive pour point depressant to improve the cold flow properties of low sulphur marine fuel distillates.
  • Allows to fulfill the pour point specifications according to ISO 8217.
  • Improves low temperature filterability (CFPP).
  • Suitable for both summer and winter grades. 


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The product is intended for technical use only. Please consult the safety data sheet for further information.

The compatability with metals, plastics and elastomers were deduced from typical behavior against the containing solvent. The product is compatible for storage in carbon and stainless steel. Other compatible materials are e.g. PTFE and flouroelastomers.


Appearance (20°C) Visual milky white to yellowish viscous liquid
Density (20°C)
DIN 51757
 [g/cm3] 0.90
Viscosity (40°C)
ISO 3219
 [mPas] 335
Pour Point
DIN ISO 3016
 [°C] +9
Flash Point
 [°C] 62
Solubility (at 30 °C)
 Soluble in aromatic solvents (e.g. xylene, naphthas),
stability test in aliphatic-rich solvent advisable (e.g.
kerosene). Insoluble in alcohol and water.

Application & Dose Rates

DODIFLOW® 6087 is suitable for both summer and winter grades. According to the characteristics of the particular marine diesel, 50-500 ppm are usually sufficient to achieve the desired pour point response and reduce the pour point by 3 to 15K. Higher doses up to 1000 ppm may also be used while observing the recommended blending conditions. DODIFLOW® 6087 can be dosed undiluted at fuel temperatures down to 30 °C. At lower temperatures, a dilution with naphtha or kerosene (ratio 1:1 to 1:3) is recommended. The marine distillate should be at least 10 °C above its cloud point at the time of additive injection.

Packaging & Storage

DODIFLOW® 6087 is delivered in road tank cars, ISO container or 200L steel drums. A temperature of 40-50 °C is recommended for storing the product. In closed containers, DODIFLOW® 6087 may be stored for at least two years.

Important: After prolonged storage at lower temperatures, the additive should first be heated and homogenized before further use.