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Phthalate-free Olefin Polymerization Catalysts for Polypropylene Production

PolyMax 600 Series Polypropylene Catalysts

PolyMax® 600 olefin polymerization catalysts allow sustainable, robust polypropylene production at significantly lower operating costs. The phthalate-free catalysts produce polymers with excellent mechanical properties and processability, similar to polypropylene manufactured with established phthalate catalysts. Producers also benefit from the catalysts’ high activity, strong isotactilty control, and excellent hydrogen response. 

Jointly developed by Clariant and Lummus Novolen Technology, PolyMax 600 series catalysts are an optimal drop-in replacement for phthalate-based catalysts. A variety of particle sizes is available to suit a broad range of polypropylene product applications.
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  • Phthalate-free 5th generation Ziegler-Natta catalyst
  • Jointly developed by McDermott’s Novolen and Clariant 
  • Drop-in replacement for phthalate-based catalysts
  • Provides high activity, high isotactilty, high hydrogen response
  • Similar Molecular Weight Distribution as phthalate catalysts: produced polymer behaves similar to polymer manufactured with established phthalate catalysts, with excellent mechanical properties
  • Spherical morphology and high porosity enable high ethylene incorporation and excellent impact-stiffness balance in ICP production
  • Different catalyst particle sizes to fit the needs of a broad PP product portfolio
  • Commercially available
  • Extensive technical service from a dedicated PP team


Product compositionMagnesium chloride, Titanium chloride, Non-Phthalate internal donor
Size40 µm, 25 µm
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